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Why is Vietnamese iced coffee so good?'s guide to green coffee beans varieties.


Vietnamese iced coffee is a special treat, and if you’ve never tried it before, it’s time to give in to your cravings. The secret to this sweet and savory drink is the perfect blend of dark and light beans. In Vietnam, it’s brewed slowly over low heat for hours with a metal filter that helps bring out all of its flavorful notes. Then it’s cooled down with ice so it can be enjoyed both hot or cold for maximum flexibility. So ask yourself: why do people love Vietnamese iced coffee so much? It’s because they know what good coffee tastes like!

Vietnamese coffee beans: perfect mix of dark and light coffee beans

Vietnamese coffee is a mix of dark and light coffee beans. The dark roast gives the coffee a rich flavor, while the light roast makes it sweet. So know you know that this perfect combination is what makes Vietnamese iced coffee so good!

Brewing method in Vietnam

Vietnamese coffee is brewed slowly, with a small metal filter. This brewing technique allows for maximum extraction of the beans’ essential oils and makes for a very smooth cup of coffee that’s less bitter than what you’d get out of an espresso machine.

The amount of coffee used in Vietnamese iced coffee is also quite small—typically one tablespoon per serving. In addition to using less caffeine, this also helps to mellow out the flavor profile and avoid overpowering the other ingredients.

Finally, the sugar is added at the end of brewing instead of being added earlier in order for it dissolve completely into the hot liquid before being poured over ice. This serves two purposes: it allows you to adjust how sweet or intense you want your drink to be by adding more or less sugar; and it ensures none will be left undissolved when mixed with cold water later on!

Vietnamese Roast

  • Vietnamese coffee beans are roasted slowly.
  • The roasting process is a delicate one, and it can be easy to burn the beans if you go too fast. Roasting at lower temperatures preserves more of the natural oils in the beans, resulting in a more balanced flavor.
  • Going too fast and roasting at higher temperatures results in a more intense flavor — but also results in burnt or bitter flavors. No a good idea at all

Hot or cold:

You can drink it hot or cold, and the variations are endless. You can add sweetener, milk, ice… even cinnamon! It’s also tasty when you add mint or ginger instead of just sweetener (gasp). Or if you want something even more decadent try adding vanilla or honey.

There’s a lot of flexibility with Vietnamese iced coffee—and that’s what makes it so good!

Lazy days = drinking great coffee.

Example : Vietnamese iced coffee

Coffee is a social drink. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind with friends or family, especially when you’re in need of some downtime. A good cup of coffee can start your day off right or help it end on a high note. If you’re looking for some lazy days spent drinking great coffee, these tips will help you get there:

  • Get yourself an excellent Vietnamese iced coffee maker and try making your own Vietnamese iced coffees at home! (youtube can help
  • Don’t try making Vietnamese iced coffees with mediocre beans—you’ll regret it later when they taste like burnt dirt compared to what they could’ve been


With all the reasons above, we can see why Vietnamese iced coffee is so popular. The taste is incredible and it’s easy to make. You don’t have to go to a fancy bar or café; you can make this drink at home with just a few supplies (or just your coffee machine). This makes it perfect for those lazy days when you want something rich and delicious without leaving your house! In need of some Vietnamese coffee you know how to contact us…

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