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ELNA is about family. ELizabeth and luNA found themselves in the Coffee regions with all its ups and downs. To survive, they need to pull out their true sense of Love, genuine Care and concern for the others. They have decided to focus their energy on quality rather than volume. Language and cultural barriers are challenging and take time. We are here to help you navigate your way through and create long-lasting business partnerships.


Our mission is to offer you the best quality and value for our products.


Our vision is to be known as a company who put client’s satisfaction, quality and value as top of our priorities.

Elna specialty Coffee Key Features

More than 80 scores in the cupping standard by SCAA

- For you to enjoy the Highest Selection, our coffee is HANDPICKED.

- For you to appreciate the Highest Quality, Our specialty coffee is free of defects

We only see the success after it’s been reached. Like a tree that reaches the clouds, the roots that hold it up are invisible. They’re beneath the ground, having spent years digging through the hard ground to stabilize and feed the tree’s growth, We are the root of our customers.

We are Elna

Our clients

We serve, Homes,  Small to Medium size Businesses, Restaurants, Hotels, Roasters, food Services…






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