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Arabica coffee beans characteristics


Coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity and its main source of income for over 25 million farmers in Brazil and more than 50 million farmers worldwide. The word ‘coffee’ comes from the Arabic word “QAHWAH” which means ‘wine of beans’ (Kamal-Sabbah, 1991). The Arabica bean originates from Ethiopia, where it was first cultivated as a wild plant around 1000 B.C. It is thought that the Ethiopians learned to cultivate coffee from the tribes in Eastern Africa who had already been doing so for thousands of years! Here we will see the characteristics of Arabica coffee beans.

Coffee beans characteristics

Different Varieties: Typica, Bourbon, Mundo Novo

Arabica coffee beans are the most common variety of coffee plant. It is a species of coffee. They have been cultivated for their flavor, which is more delicate than that of robusta, giving them an edge in popularity and consumption. Arabica coffee beans are the most widely consumed and traded coffee beans in the world because they produce a lighter yet full-bodied taste when roasted correctly, making them ideal for both light roasts and dark roasts alike.

Regions: Africa, Asia, South America

Arabica coffee beans are cultivated in mainly three regions. The Bourbon variety is grown extensively in Africa, Asia and South America. Mundo Novo is a subspecies of Bourbon, cultivated mainly in Brazil. Typica is the main variety grown in Ethiopia, Yemen and other countries of East Africa.

Harvest season: September – March

Harvest season is the time of year when coffee beans are picked from the coffee tree. It’s also called picking season, and it lasts from September to March depending on the region. During this period, coffee berries are at their ripest and most flavorful, so they can be processed into delicious brewed coffee or ground coffee powder!results in a more intense flavor — but also results in burnt or bitter flavors. No a good idea at all

Citrusy, fruity and winey

Arabica coffee beans have a much more complex flavor than Robusta. The taste is often described as citrusy, fruity and winey. Arabica coffees are also more expensive than Robusta coffees because they’re harder to grow and less common.

Bourbon : The most common Arabica coffee variety harvested in the world

Arabica coffee, or the arabica bean, is a variety of coffee tree that originated in the Ethiopian Highlands. It is one of the two main species used to make coffee today. The other being Robusta. Arabica trees can grow up to 20 feet tall and produce cherries containing 2-3 seeds each (called beans). Each tree produces only an average yield of 1 kilogram per year.

The most common Arabica coffee variety harvested in the world is the Bourbon variety. This particular strain was discovered by French colonists who were introduced to it by their African slaves during colonial times on an island called “Bourbon” near Madagascar in 1690 AD.


The most common Arabica coffee variety harvested in the world is the Bourbon variety. The origin of this variety is unknown but it’s believed that it originated from Ethiopia. This is one of the best varieties for both wet and dry milling operations because it has a high productivity and good cup quality.
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