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Specialty coffee grade: How to know the difference? where to find it?


In the specialty coffee market, this is a question often ask? How can I tell if my coffee is specialty coffee? How do I know if my coffee is specialty coffee? We have talked about what is specialty coffee in a different post already. Basically, specialty coffee has zero defect or less than 5 defects per 12 ounces. Coupled with score, specialty coffee is graded from 80+ to 100. Accredited coffee cuppers or Q traders are the one who to give a score to the coffee beans. They are the ones who are supposed to roast the coffee, brew it and assign their score to each of the coffee’s attribute/profile (the acidity, body, flavor and aroma. )

Read more: Specialty coffee grade: How to know the difference? where to find it?

Difference between specialty coffee and commercial coffee

Most big brand names sell commercial coffee. It is for the mass. Commercial coffee is usually roasted and packed in bulk. In the other hand, specialty coffee is usually roasted in small stores or factories, using traditional methods and technology, and is often sold where it has been roasted or online. Now depending if you get the beans greens or roasted there are many others factors to know the difference between specialty coffee and others coffee. For instance the region or origin of your coffee beans matters. The taste is all about the origin. Ethiopian coffee wont taste like Peruvian coffee. Climate, altitude and others growing conditions affect the taste as well. After the origin if you have different in beans in hand, the type of beans matter as well

Can you spot the “defects?

How to tell if your coffee is specialty coffee?

By all means, the best way to tell if your coffee is specialty grade is simply to ask to the seller (The origin, the grade,  profil…). Sometimes it is possible to see the  “Specialty Coffee Association of America” seal on the packaging but it is not guaranteed.

Most of the time Specialty coffee is more expensive than regular coffee as the coffee meets rigorous quality standards.

 Furthermore, most coffee drinker think all coffee is bitter and acidic. No, no and no. With Specialty coffee you can be able to taste  its flavor without adding sugar. It is true you are not expert cupper or Q grader ; but please do know that not all coffee are bitter. Good coffee has a rich and dense flavor, it is aromatic, full, slightly sweet and fragrant and delivers a long-lasting aftertaste. It should be consumed almost bitter as the addition of sugar does not allow to detect its degree of acidity and body.

Benefits of drinking “specialty ” Coffee:

We have to be clear here. Coffee itself have a lot of benefits. Now any specific benefits on drinking specialty over regular coffee need to be proven /studied.

“Some” human studies have confirmed few evidence-based health benefits: Coffee Can Improve Energy Levels; hence Can Drastically Improve Physical Performance as you have more energy. It says it ‘Can’ Help You Burn Fat, ‘May’ Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes

Another key benefits is that it appears to have protective effects on the Liver. Coffee Drinkers Have a Lower Risk of ‘some’ Types of Cancer. Coffee is The Biggest Source of Antioxidants in The Western Diet.

Where to find great specialty coffee?

It all depends. Are you looking for 1 pound. Consequently, google the nearest store who sell different specialty coffees. Personally, I suggest to try different origins, roast and grades till you find the one that your pallet likes.

If you are looking for half container to a container. Contact Eventually we will be more than happy to give you details of specialty coffee we have and different origins.


We really hope you learn in this post. Being that you learn a little bit more about the difference between specialty coffee and others regular coffee. Balance again, let us know what is your favorite specialty coffee (origin, roast, profile)?
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