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Private label basics! Private label in coffee industry?


Label here and there…Have you heard of private label and you do not know exactly what it entails? Here you can find what is private label? How it applies in the coffee industry?

Definition of Private Label 

A third party manufacturer produces the private label product also called a private brand or private-label brand, it is sold under a retailer’s brand name. As the retailer, you specify everything about the product – what goes in it; how it is packaged, what the label looks like – and pay to have it produced and delivered to your store.

The brand usually consists of products, but can also encompass services. Private labels typically involve outsourcing, in which a company (eg: YC – your company) hires a company (eg E – ELNA ) to provide them with a product or service, which is then offered under a brand name of company (YC). Private-label producers are usually anonymous, sometimes by contract. In other cases, they are allowed to mention their role publicly.

 Private Label in the Coffee Industry 

We have been fortunate enough to offer private label to other businesses. Whether you are selling your coffee over the internet or have an actual shop, private label coffee gives you a distinct advantage to help further your brand. We work to set you apart from your competition. When you succeed, we do.

So far, we have offered “Specialty private label for specialty coffee and ground roasted coffee label to few of our clientele. You focus on your niche, your growth, we provide you with the perfect coffee for your business. Your personality, brand and marketing are what your customers bond with. Your focus in today’s competitive world is to set apart from your peers – personality and brand wise. If you decide to do Private label coffee with us, it means you are partnering with us to provide you an exceptional coffee. Working with us, we pledge to provide to you an exciting brand, coffee, so your customers can associate your products with exceptional taste and quality that will have them keep coming back repeatedly.

 How are Private Label Coffees Different From White label

Retailers with their own branding and logo sell white label products but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party. White labeling occurs when the manufacturer of an item uses the branding requested by the purchaser, or marketer instead of its own.


The main difference between white label coffee and private label coffee is that white label coffee products cannot be changed. Most of the time you can initiate a new branding, packaging and marketing. However, the product itself must stay the same. That means if you want to sell for example: a single origin specialty Colombian coffee, we will provide you this product. Now you can decide to sell under completely different identities, but it will remain the exact same specialty coffee behind the packaging.

In comparison, private label products can be more personalized. For instance, Our last private label client approaches us to provide him with  a specialty coffee with the highest grade 89. We shared with them the notes, the score. We send them a roasted sample. They like it and they believe their customers would enjoy it as well. Most clients could request certain flavor profiles, origin, score, roasting methods and so on. Once we are clear on their request. We send a sample first. From there, the product will be sold under a new identity and brand (theirs), just like a white label coffee product, the only difference being exclusivity.

Another alteration between the two is that Private label identifies better with tangible goods like coffee. Whereas white labelling is more associated with technologies or software.

Another difference is about the liabilities. When and if you encounter, phrases like  ‘brought to you by…’, “manufacture by...”. These phrases are used to protect the client from any liability. In contrast, private label products carry all the responsibility.


Are you ready  to jump into the world of private label coffee? If your answer is YES! Then let ELNA Coffee set your brand apart from the crowd. Do you have any particular requirements? Let us be in charge of sourcing, packaging your coffee. Please let us know so we can start to make your business unique.

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