About Us


About us

We understand the daily struggle that our beloved clients (our coffee roasters, coffee distributors , coffee wholesalers, coffee importers ) go through when buying coffee from us. Furthermore being a one shop all was appealing to serve you better, to assist you getting your product faster and to reduce your stress.


We added shipment logistic to our responsibilities. We can quote you for

Door 2 Door coffee shipment

International Maritime transportation – LCL, FCL

International air transport.



Chair Woman

Edo L

Manager Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia)

JanaiNA B

Operations –Brazil/Cuba/Peru/Panama

Meraf S

Operations – Ethiopia / Rwanda

Serge P

Manager- Cameroon/Tanzania/Uganda


Manager – USA /Colombia

Harry K


Felipe S

Logistic Manager

We are hiring:

Looking for new challenges? Apply now and join a great team!

Send your resume and motivation letter to hr@E.L.N.A.STORE

TRACEABILITY / sustainability

We know you care about the origin and the price of your coffee. Traceability and Sustainability are also important for us. Thus we support fair payments and sustainable production methods. So we track down to every kilo of coffee that we sell – no matter how large the lot.


We are committed to give back to our communities and charities. If you are an organization, a business or local community and would like to work with us. Please get in touch at partners@elna.store


Our pledge to you is to give you the best of our products. To do so our partners are proudly certified with:

why elna?

  • 60 % of our new clients are referred. Therefore, our availability and responsiveness are crucial to current and potential clients.
  • 75 % of our clients have concerns and questions. Our transparency throughout the whole process put them at ease.
  • While the price is not the most important factor to most consumers, however for 90% of them it is still a significant factor in decision-making. We make sure our price is fair and right.
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