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Green coffee buyer : Who is this ? what does s/he do?

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In the coffee industry, there is a person responsible for ensuring quality and compliance of coffee beans.  That person is known as a green coffee buyer. What does this role entail? And why is it so important? Read on to learn all about this important figure in the coffee industry

What exactly is a green coffee buyer?

If you’re in the coffee industry, then you’re probably familiar with the term ‘green coffee buyer.‘ What is a green coffee buyer? Essentially, a green coffee buyer is responsible for sourcing and purchasing high-quality Arabica coffee beans or Robusta coffee beans from producers around the world.

They make sure that the beans are ethically sourced and free of harmful chemicals, pollutants, or GMOs. In addition to sourcing and buying coffee, a green coffee buyer is also responsible for conducting quality tests on each bean lot before it’s sent to roasters for sale. They work to ensure that the beans are milled in an environmentally friendly way. And last but not least, they ensure that the coffee is sold in an ethical manner, by sourcing fair trade coffee. If you’re looking to get into the coffee industry and have a passion for quality, then a green coffee buyer might be the perfect role for you!

Production & trade

The green coffee buyer is responsible for ensuring that the quality and sustainability of coffee beans they purchase. This includes ensuring that the beans meet all environmental, social and economic requirements. They play an important role in trade negotiations by balancing supply and demand – ensuring that everyone involved gains from a fair trade deal.


A coffee roaster is someone who knows a lot about roasting – from the different types of roasts to how they affect the beans. They need strong financial skills as green coffee beans are quite expensive, and must be able to deal with this variability in prices.

Green coffee buyers also have plenty of responsibilities:

sourcing quality green coffees, buying them in bulk and distributing them throughout the entire coffee industry. In fact, they can even end up owning their own business if they’re good at it!

Coffee essentials:

When it comes to coffee, quality is of utmost importance. This is why buyers in the coffee industry always look for beans that meet all the required standards. These include being sustainably grown and certified as environmentally friendly.

Buyers in this field are responsible for ensuring that ethical principles are adhered to while buying green coffee beans. They do this by looking for beans that have been certified as meeting environmental requirements set by various organizations such as Rainforest Alliance or Fair Trade Certifications International (FTCI).

What does traceability mean to green coffee buyers:

Traceability is an essential component of the role of the green coffee buyer. It ensures the quality and safety of the coffee product, while helping to improve the quality and safety of the coffee production process as a whole. If a coffee bean isn’t traceable, it means that it hasn’t been verified through third-party laboratories. This can have negative effects on both the producer and consumer sides of the coffee industry. As a green coffee buyer, it’s your responsibility to help improve this process for everyone involved. By ensuring the quality and safety of the coffee product, you’re playing an important role in helping to improve the quality of coffee for everyone.

The rise of relationship coffee

For years, coffee was simply bought and sold on a wholesale level. consequently, this system allowed for a lot of bad practices, such as deforestation and the exploitation of farmers. Thankfully, the role of the green coffee buyer has started to change the coffee industry for the better. This type of buying allows for more sustainable practices, as well as better tasting coffee products. More and more coffee buyers are starting to care about the relationships they build with farmers. This shift towards relationship coffee is vital in helping to create a more sustainable coffee industry.


As the coffee industry continues to grow, so does the demand for green coffee beans. This is where the role of the green coffee buyer comes in. They are responsible for ensuring that these beans reach the consumer in the most sustainable way possible. By working with the various coffee roasting companies, green coffee buyers are able to ensure that every bean is traced back to its origin and is of the best quality possible.


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