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How to become a Coffee distributor in the USA ?'s coffee tasting and quality check session.

– Introduction –

The U.S. is the largest consumer of coffee in the world, with over 400 million cups consumed every day. If you are considering trying a new business. Why don’t you try coffee distribution, now is a better than never to do so. Americans are drinking more and more coffee, and the projection is keep rising. We will help you with few steps How to become a coffee distributor in the USA.

– How to become a coffee distributor –

Business plan: First and foremost have a business plan where you lay out your plan, finance, vision, mission…

No need to be or become a coffee expert. You have us. Knowing the coffee world’s biggest regions. Where coffee is the most produced?  Countries where they are imported from? All these are important.

Your market: You have to know your market.   Demand for coffee is changing there is an industry trend over the last few years away from standard drip coffee. In addition, Americans are drinking more and more specialty coffee. So do you want to distribute specialty coffee? Commercial coffee?

Know your clientele do they want specialty coffee? Commercial coffee? Roasted coffee? Instant coffee?

Your target: What is your target? Would you be selling to coffee shop? Hospitals? Gas stations? Offices? Restaurants? Stores? Where will you get your clients? How will you get them?

Talk with coffee retailers and business owners in your area about their current coffee suppliers and costs.

You will want to have a website either you are selling on the internet or not. A website with  a shopping cart. You need a payment processor.

State Laws: You need to know the states laws where you would like to distribute your coffee to. For instance, do you need distribution license?

Licenses: As coffee is a food product, you will have to get an import license and deal with FDA.

Know your process (do you need a warehouse? How will you deliver? What will be your supply chain?  What is your expected margin? Do you need employees?)

wholesale coffee suppliers: Contact a coffee bean wholesaler (ELNA) to gather information about their different types of coffee, their minimum order quantity (MOQ) their price per pound or kg,. Find a wholesaler that is offering quality coffee beans at reasonable prices

How Much Does A Coffee Distributor Make?

The gross profit margin for a cup of coffee is around 70 to 80%. This is a great profit margin. However, the price for a cup of coffee does not represent the price the distributor will sell it for. The fact of the matter is that becoming a coffee distributor today in America has the potential to be extremely lucrative. The process is difficult and requires hard work, marketing and knowing your clientele needs.


You are passionate about the quality of coffee and want to get into coffee business? We can help you become a Coffee Distributor in the USA by providing you solutions that enables you to find excellent coffee at fair price for your customers. Contact us. We work with different distributors nationwide.

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