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What is the distribution process for coffee?


Brewing coffee is a process that many people enjoy, but few know the ins and outs of. The distribution process for coffee is a long one that starts with coffee farmers in countries like Ethiopia and Colombia. Then the coffee roasters receive their shipment of beans. The roasters roast the beans and then create blends.


The first step in the process is coffee farming. The countries around the equator are where you can find the best coffee bean. Many factors help the beans to grow perfectly. Few countries concerned are Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala… After it is the harvest. Next coffee processing. The processing facilities are where all the magic happens. There, many steps happen. Overall the beans are cleaned and sorted. One crucial step is roasting. It is where we have the best flavor and aroma. Later, the coffee beans are ground up and brewed. Finally, the brewed coffee is then packaged and shipped to retailers. Retailers then sell the coffee to consumers.

Next Steps : Roasted and Ground coffee:

Coffee is a popular drink around the world. Millions of people consume it every day. The coffee beans are then roasted and ground into a powder. To make coffee we mix the powder with water. Many different ways of making coffee : espresso, cappuccino, latte, and iced coffee.

Coffee distribution or coffee distributors:

Generally, this is the system through which most coffee beans distribution is done:

  • middlemen, including importers, exporters,
  • roasters, and
  • retailers.

This system helps to ensure that the beans are of good quality. Also to ensure that distribution of coffee is even throughout the supply chain. The coffee bean distribution process typically begins with the grower, who produces the beans and sells them to an exporter. The exporter then ships the beans to an importer, who sells them to a roaster. The roaster then grinds the beans and sells them to a retailer, who sells the coffee to consumers. Many organizations regulate the distribution of coffee beans :

1- the International Coffee Organization and

2- the United States Department of Agriculture for the USA

3- Or any local organization to your region.

The coffee beans quality standard is set by these organizations. They help to ensure that the beans are distributed evenly throughout the supply chain.

Case Study: Ethiopian coffee:

The system involves the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) working with the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) and Ethiopian Traders (ET). ECTA is responsible for quality control and issues licenses to coffee exporters. ECX is Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. It is the exchange for Ethiopian’s coffee. ET are the middlemen who buy coffee from farmers and sell it to exporters.


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